Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

How to purchase PPV?

 Sign up and go to membership plan to order event.

How to watch PPV?

You can watch the live stream on any device that support HLS live streaming.

How to watch VOD?

If Live Muuzictyme PPV is repeated on VOD we will alert our customers via email

What time the even starts?

Each event has it’s own individual start time. Please review at point of purchase.

Can I watch the event Video after the Live Stream?

All customers will we alerted if VOD is available 

Can I purchase the PPV after the event?

If the PPV is available Muuzictyme will let you know

What are the devices can I use to watch the Live event?

You can open the site on all native browsers. Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone, Tablets, Smart Tv, Any device that supports HLS will support the PPV Stream

Can I use XBOX, SMART TV, PS4 to watch the Video?

You can open the site on all native browsers.  

Why is my Video is freezing and buffering in computer?

If your Video is buffering you need to check your internet speed, If the Video is freezing make sure your web browser is updated and is in current version. Not all the browser support and play the High-Quality video if one browser isn’t working you can switch between different browser Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari. One of them should work and plays the video smoothly if the browser is updated with a current version.

How can I watch the Live stream on TV?

Connect the laptop to your TV using HDMI Cable, once connected whatever you play it on Laptop will play it on TV. If your laptop doesn’t have HDMI port buy the HDMI adapter from Best Buy. It can also be mirrored using your cell phone. You can also open the site on all native browsers.

Why do I get this message on my video player (Media could not be loaded, either because server or network failed or because the format is not supported)?

If you get the above message, please make sure you web browser is updated and in current version, not all the browser supports the High-Quality Video Please have more than 2 browsers in your computer, if one browser doesn’t support try switch to different browser, Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari. This will solve that problem.

Can I purchase and watch the PPV outside of USA?

Yes, we deliver the content globally. We are Worldwide.

What happens if I share my account?

Don’t share your account information. ONE ACCOUNT & ONE LOGIN AT A TIME.

What is mean by VOD?

Video on-demand (VOD) is a form of video media distribution that allows users to consume Video content whenever they choose, instead of having to watch shows at a scheduled broadcast time.