Terms of service

Terms Of Service

1. Login & Registration

  • By creating an user account and purchasing a PPV Muuzictyme , you acknowledge and agree that all sales are final and not eligible for charge backs or any other means of transaction reversals.
  • Your account is restricted to a maximum 1 username per email address..To avoid any interruption on PPV Muuzictyme during the Live Event Streaming please avoid sharing your username.
  • Any inactive users who never logged into the system or never logged in during the last 6 months will be permanently deleted for security reasons. Users are required to register new account to get access.

2. Streaming

  • Any event purchased from this website will be covered strictly by the Terms & Conditions mentioned in this site. Users purchasing the PPV Muuzictyme event tickets are required to accept the terms and conditions outlined in this document. Any violators will be responsible for any legal action from PPV Muuzictyme.
  • During PPV Muuzictyme Live Stream to protect the copy rights your IP Address and Username will be earmarked. This is to track the users who try to illegally re-stream the videos on any social media and cause financial damages to PPV Muuzictyme, The Artist & Promoters.. By purchasing the pay per view you are accepting this policy and any disputes due to this policy will be voided and no refunds will be given, PPV Muuzictyme embeds secret water marks in the video which is only visible to us to track the video if it gets illegally re streamed on any social media.

3. Piracy Notice

  • Every video is forensically watermarked to identify the location of buyer. Unlawful duplication is aggressively pursued by appropriate federal authorities to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Anyone who is illegally re streaming the video will not get refunded for any reason and they will be pursued by appropriate federal authorities.

4. Refund Policy

  • All sales are final and there will be NO REFUND. In case of an unforeseen situation that the event is cancelled then we will refund your money within 30 days
  • Typically the following situations you will not qualify for the refund:
  1. It is buyer’s responsibility to create an account.
  2. If you have technical problems accessing the email or accessing the streams due to unsupported web browsers.
  3. Don’t share your account with others. If you get locked multiple times then you will not be able to watch the event. In this scenario you will not be given any refund.
  4. If you are facing problems watching the event while it is LIVE then you are required to immediately email us with the screenshot of the problem details. Failing to send an email will disqualify you from any future disputes due to this issue. If the problem is due to our fault then we will issue refund but if we find the issue is due to your internet connection or computer issues then we will not provide any refund. PayPal or Stripe disputes after the event due to technical difficulties will not qualify for any refund under this policy.

5. Program Viewing and Purchase Options

MuuzicTyme may offer the following purchase options through MuuzicTyme websites and applications:

Rental: After paying the stated fee, you may stream the Program an unlimited number of times during the stated rental period.
Purchase: After paying the stated fee, you may stream the Program an unlimited number of times; offered by MuuzicTyme.
Subscription: For a recurring fee, you may stream the Programs offered within MuuzicTyme subscription channel an unlimited number of times during your subscription period. MuuzicTyme  may add or remove Programs from the channel at any time.
To make a purchase, you must provide a valid payment method. We may apply taxes, including VAT (value-added tax), to any charges. Prices and other terms of purchase are subject to change. If a Producer provides you access to a Program on a free basis, such access will be deemed a “purchase” for the purpose of this Agreement.


Free trials and Discounts: MuuzicTyme may offer free-trial or discounted subscriptions. When a free-trial period ends, your paid subscription begins (unless you have cancelled) and you must pay the full monthly or annual fee. If MuuzicTyme provides a discount for the first subscription period, you must pay the discounted fee; in any renewal, you must pay the full fee.

Automatic Renewal: To the extent permitted by applicable law, subscriptions automatically renew for the subscription period until you cancel. Your payment method will be charged at the beginning of each subscription period. If a Purchaser offers a free-trial period, your payment method will be charged at the end of the free-trial period unless you cancel before the end of that period.

How to Decline Renewal: To pause or cancel a subscription, visit your account settings. Your changes will be applied to your next subscription period.

For any questions, concerns or technical issues please contact Info@Muuzictyme.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.